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Home Renovation



Homes aren't always perfect and your dream homes aren't always in your price range. Try looking at the bigger picture for a home that is in your abilities to buy. The videos posted on this page are meant to show you that even if the house isn't perfect, it can become exactly what you want. So, keep an open mind when walking through houses. Observe the potential they have instead of the things you don't like. A little TLC never hurts.                


Please see the videos below; These are homes that I have bought and flipped to either resell or rent out.



Built in 1905, this house was purchased by Felicia Witherspoon and Maria Adams of Lincoln and Maxwell Investments who saw the potential in the property and also recognized its historical value to the community. The rehabilitation carefully preserved character-defining features of the home, creating a modern home with plenty of space for a modern family. With me as the project manager and Jeffery Christian as the general contractor, the home became a historical landmark and thus named the Cochran-Stewart House in Thomasville, Georgia.


We saw the potential in the home we bought on Swan Street to become a welcoming place for a small family. The outside of the home was refreshed while the inside was updated to include laminant floors instead of carpet as well as updated appliances and bathroom fixtures. Overall, a nice paint-job worked wonders! This small house is a good example of what is possible when you open your mind to the big picture.


The house of Joree, very much like the home on Swan, needed some TLC and repairs. Yet, as you can see from the video above, what looked like a rundown home with holes in the walls and unstable staircases was turned into a cozy dream. Again, paint worked wonders and it is a fairly inexpensive way to personalize your home. The lesson: Don't be intimidated by paint color. It is a quick change.


The house we bought on Maple Street goes to show that you shouldn't be intimidated by a house that only has two bedrooms when you need three. Find that unnecessary space - in this case, the formal dining room - and turn it into that bedroom that you desire. In the end, you still have functional space in a beautiful home that evolved from an empty shell! 


The house on Oriole was a quick fix that mostly needed painting and carpet cleaning. The only major updates that were done were in the kitchen and bathrooms, but as you can see if didn't take too much to make it homey. This goes to show that if you find a house with location that you like but not the look you want, a simple face-lift works wonders!